Customer Testimonials

During one of my trips to California,I chanced upon the concept of vertical gardens while lunching at Urban Bistro. I was so intrigued with the concept and always was of the notion that there isnt many ways to experience nature in city life. Once i got to Dubai,an acquaintance introduced me to ZenQua. I got talking about exploring the possibility of having plants in an apartment yet being clutter free as pots consume space. So I gave them a wall with free space to work on a concept. I now have delightful natural decor that has a positive influence on our health and the air we breathe. Thank you ZenQua for this experience. John K.
According to me,one of the most aesthetically appealing features of a house is a well crafted fish tank and I always wanted to own one. When I met Vivek from ZenQua, my knowledge was limited to fishes and tank sizes. I didn’t have a plan in mind as to how i wanted the tank to look. I just knew I had an area for it. Vivek recommended leaving it to him and that’s the best decision i have ever made. Now i have a gorgeous tank with amazing flora and lovely fishes and am equipped with sufficient knowledge about their coexistence as well. I definitely vouch for ZenQua any day and would love to use them again.Simon H.